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Barn House Blog #2
Saturday, January 14th, 2017

Barn House Blog Entry #2: The part where you work on your house virtually because there’s nothing you can do in reality while permits wait to be approved. So you cobble together inspiration and resourcing from a village of experts to feel more in control. For the guesthouse kitchen cabinets, you buy a pair of new cabinets that are being ripped out of a new house nearby by a newer owner who is tearing down the house to build an even newer house. Will paint them a comforting gray (decided on hue by googling “Designers’ Favorite Grays” and then lied to painter that you had seen a sample in real life when he asked if you were sure. You will add brass hardware found on eBay and slather the kitchen dingy walls with white paint. You are especially pleased to see this vibe works via a recent Instagram posted by designer @grantkgibson. You remember @alexahamptoninc using cork flooring in her amazing NYC apartment you just shot with @quintessence and suggest this is a viable option for the barn flooring to husband in lieu of costly, finicky wood. He is surprisingly game. Dog helps consult cork brochure with you. Depressed since boys have left to go back to school so trudge over to new property in snow storm to be reminded of its reality. Stunned to see that in the course of a few weeks a neighbor’s brand-new and very large weekend house has shot up on the once bare hill in full view of guest house. For some ridiculous reason think of Trump looming behind Hillary Clinton at the debates. Soothe self by reinforcing boundaries. At the base of our new driveway (which is at the end of shared driveway with existing house) there used to be a Pinnacle Valley sign nailed to a tree. Email former owner who explains he’s taken it with him to North Carolina for memory’s sake. Middle of night go on Etsy and design a new sign which will hopefully greet visitors for generations to come. When the artisan asks if she should treat wood to make it look old, you tell her you’d rather the sign earn its years. #barnhouseblog