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Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Barnhouse blog Week #3: in which I test drive some modern bathtub shapes and realize I’m never going back to the clawfoot days. In which I realize that our painter Joe looks EXACTLY like Mall Cop’s Kevin James and therefore it’s sometimes hard not to start giggling when we discuss hardware dimensions. Joe will begin repainting the old / new cabinets this week so they’ll be ready to install in the guest house. In which new BFF Rebecca at Northwest Flooring inspires me. Even on a dreary Monday morning she’s always dressed in cute black shawls and boots and jewelry and I make sure to put on a fresh coat of lipstick before I go in for the 4th time to tell her our “final choice!” Instead of cork (may be too corky and too quirky - sounds the same!- for such an expanse) that we may go with new HD vinyl flooring. Choices are surprisingly elegant not to mention waterproof and absorb radiant heat beautifully and look exactly like wood. Husband worries he will feel shame with every man who walks across our threshold and is told planks actually vinyl. So I’m alerting any future male visitors now that real men may not need real wood in the area. With the weather and the project in this kind of unsexy way station, it’s important to treat one’s eye to the equivalent of a spa day: basking in the healing powers of Oberto Gili’s house in Italy in this month’s AD is such a thing.I’ve been lucky enough to visit this house and to me it’s everything a home should be: layered personal, whimsical and full of life from roses to donkeys to dogs. I almost feel like a fraud going online shopping for velvet sofas that will try to capture that old world spirit. But like I’ve always said: design is one of the few places where it’s OK to plagiarize because exact duplication is impossible. That being said, I may have some convincing to do with husband that it’s OK to hang artwork below the knee line in our bedroom…

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