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Barnhouse blog #7
Friday, February 10th, 2017

As forgotten layers on the property get stripped away, more of its former lives are revealed: an old empty vault, a curious little door knocker that still makes a snappy sound (which I intend to transplant even if its minuscule size will look silly on the new front door) a guest instruction sheet from the Lake Waramaug association circa the 40s, listing places to shop and leisurely activities in the area thumbtacked behind a random door in the barn, (will also be framed) and a beautiful wood sleigh bed. We had literally been discussing about finding some kind of daybed that would go on the main floor of the barn by a window for catnapping and reading. I can’t wait to assemble and polish it till it glows. It’s almost like the past has patiently been waiting in the wings to seize its moment back on stage in a new role.