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Fresh Old Eyes
Sunday, November 26th, 2017

They say you should view old things with fresh eyes but how about new things with fresh eyes? Today I had the honor of a visit from an enchanting eight year old girl whom I met by happenstance a few months ago at our neighborhood hair salon. Within seconds we established that she loved dogs and design and dahlias and so we immediately set up a play date through her mother. She arrived today and we perused every item around the new house. She spotted a bouquet of flowers in an an old oil painting I had just bought and hadn’t taken the time to really peruse so quick I was to hang it. She ran her finger along the carved wood figures of a vintage mirror and I told her what Chinoiserie was and said that was “exactly my taste.” Old things new in my house were new yet again and I finally felt sure of their placement under her enthusiasm. She held a gingerbread cookie in one pink mittened hand and pointed out a parrot with delight on a pillow with another. She asked if a crocodile resided in our pond and I teased her that was impossible. Then outside, I told her to suddenly stop inside the crux of a trees’ majestic branch shadows to snap a picture. Suddenly I turned the camera sideways and it appeared as though she was between the jaws of a giant creature. I went to show her hoping she’d see what I saw. Before I could explain she smiled and said: “There’s your crocodile.” Of course it was there all along.